Week 2 wrap up

That day 3 was really hard to get through. 45 minutes and my deltoids were screaming. I do have good news about the locust pose though. I managed to actually maintain the pose! Granted, my legs weren’t as high as Zoe’s are in the video; I did good for my fitness level. I found that the key was to have a folded towel to place under the pelvis. Zoe has one in the video but doesn’t bring it up until you need it. So your pro tip of the day is to keep a towel nearby. 😉

I’ve definitely felt my glutes being worked really well. Even though that locust pose is hard, it really makes you use those gluteal muscles. I know I’m only 2 weeks in, but I really do feel all of this. Now, my biggest gripe about the program so far is that it’s not traditional yoga. That’s ok though. With how my body is feeling so far, I am confident this program will bring me some great results.

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