So, I don’t really print things at home. I only print off things if I REALLY need to. To my dismay, I did not receive a color copy Yoga Burn calendar/instructions. I don’t typically have color toner because I hardly ever print. So I do have the downloaded copy and I print it off. Well, there are colors and a legend so that’s unhelpful on a black and white copy. I’m pretty visual so that’s a hindrance to me. I promise, this is last time I lament over this. Hopefully they rectify this for future orders.

Take the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

So many options…

One thing I love about this program is that I can access it via my smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV, or I can go old school and play the DVD. All of the practices are under 20 minutes. That is a HUGE advantage over alot of other yoga practices. As a working wife and mom, I really need it to be short and sweet.

One other mention that I glossed over yesterday was the absence of a color copy calendar in the shipment of the physical product. Yes, I can go print one off but it won’t be a durable copy. If they are interested in keeping waste down, I understand but maybe give an option to receive one?

More review to come…

Take the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

Special Delivery!

Guess what has just arrived!! I have my physical Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge DVDs and Yoga Burn Resistance band.

Everything looks great out of the box. One minor drawback, I was really hoping I would get a color copy of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Calendar and Instructions that I could hang up. I can still download and print it, but I wanted to give you full disclosure that a physical copy wasn’t included.

I have a total of 4 DVDs and the resistance band seems of good construction. I’ll report how it stands up once I start breaking it in.

Take the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge!


So I am a real gal trying to do better. I am a wife and mom to 2 great kids. I had a hard time with my weight after both my children and it really affected me. I went on a Keto diet and lost 40 pounds. If I’m being honest, I thought I would be happy with all the weight off. Truth is, I don’t look fit. I’ve got more of the deflated balloon look. I really liked yoga but never found a program I truly vibed with. When I came across the Yoga Burn product, it had everything I was looking for. I will be embarking on the 12 week Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge and will report my experience here for you. I already have access to the videos, but am waiting on my physical product (Yoga Burn Resistance Band) before I delve into my review. Stay tuned!