Mid-week 4

I’m now halfway through week 4! I must say that I am starting to notice small changes everywhere. My abdomen is starting to tone and I continue to build definition in my arms. Equally pleasing is the fact that my glutes are firming too. 🍑

When I started day 1 this week I was surprised how quickly I got through it. It’s just under 15 minutes in week 4, but I think it’s that I am getting stronger that makes me say to myself, “that’s it?”

This week, Zoe brings back a couple of moves from weeks 1 & 2. What I enjoyed most were the floor exercises focusing on those abs. They aren’t so bad that I am painfully aching the next day, but I do feel how I’ve worked them. Another weird move consists of a “zombie walk” that really helps to strengthen the ankles. I find this interesting as one problem I always have with yoga is balancing due to weak ankles. Such a strange move but it definitely builds strength. Stay tuned for a full week 4 wrap up.

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