Week 6 Complete!

It is such a great feeling when your husband comments how much muscle you’re building up. 🤩💪 My glutes are looking firmer than they have in years, my arms are toning, and OMG I’m actually getting a little cut on the sides of my abs!!! A nice little added benefit is I’ve noticed alot of cellulite reduction as well. Now, I’ve had close to 80 pounds total weight fluctuation in my life with 2 children born by C-section, so I’ve got quite a bit of loose skin. All considered, I’m extremely happy with my results so far and am excited to see what I look like at the end of this challenge.

Week 6 features the eagle pose more in a more challenging way this week and woah mama the outer thighs and glutes get a great go this week. I won’t lie, I have to push myself with this challenge. It’s not easy when you get to repeating the routine over and over, but it’s worth it when you see these results.

I’m so glad I started the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge, so what are you waiting for?

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2 thoughts on “Week 6 Complete!

  1. Hi there! Could you please confirm that I can do it all from my iPhone or tablet if I get the digital option? It is coming with DVDs but I do not have a DVD player. If I can ignore the DVDs and do it all from the tablet, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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    1. This is a great question! The answer is YES! You can do this all from your phone or tablet. Once you complete your purchase, you are sent an email copy of your receipt which also includes your own special link to ALL the videos in this package. You could begin perusing the videos the same day. The only thing you have to wait on is the resistance band to come through the mail.


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