Done With Month 2!!

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in these past 2 months. I feel stronger than I have ever felt and my muscle tone continues to improve. It was hard for me to complete week 8 because I caught a cold midweek. I still managed to do my repetitions, it just took me longer than it should’ve.

Week 8 wasn’t particularly difficult, but there are some poses that may be challenging based on your own personal flexibility and abilities. Gomu kasana is the pose that kinda strained my shoulders a bit but I still could complete it.

The other move I struggled with was threading the needle from a fallen triangle pose. It was hard on my wrists, but incredibly effective on the obliques. I can tell you that if you can pull this move off, it’s almost like your own muscles become a corset bringing everything in for an hourglass appearance. ⏳

If you are wanting an effective exercise program created with a woman in mind, Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge is what you are looking for. I’m only halfway through and already reaping the benefits. Stay tuned for more review and results!

Take the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

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