Chugging along, week 7 done!!

I can’t believe that I am almost done with the second DVD! Now I have to admit, I really had to push myself this week. Is the workout hard? Not really. It is challenging though. This week my hamstrings really got put through the wringer. Warrior 3 poses don’t look great in my video clip but I assure you that as the week went by and I got more repetitions in, my form improved. Balance was my biggest struggle this week.

I love the bicycle move with the resistance band, and the dancer pose was a nice add in to the routine this week. My goddess pose is a little lackluster in the video which is why I recommend filming yourself or practicing in front of a mirror. It’s hard to improve if you can’t see what areas you need to work on.

My body really is starting to tone. Even though my weight is the same, I’m starting to swim in my clothes! I was already in a size 6 thanks to Keto (link to Keto blog in sidebar) but now I may be looking at a smaller size. 👀 I also have noticed my batwing span has decreased. 😆 If you are considering this program, I recommend it. Of course, always consult a doctor before you begin any diet or exercise program.

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Started Week 5

It felt so amazing to put in a new DVD last night! One month down and this new week is another great workout. I still have to work on my endurance and balance this week. I can already tell you that the move in this video is one that will definitely help bring about a yoga booty. You can see that I have alot of work to do with my form, but it’s a great start. I’ll scoop you a fresh review later this week.

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Mid-week 3 status

Well I am enjoying this program more and more! I finished my 2 reps of the week 3 workout last night and I feel great! 😊 That wasn’t the case last night however. I was crazy sore and tired. I don’t know if I could do this as a morning routine. I personally am NOT a morning person to begin with and this kind of challenge would not mix well for me. Evening workouts are best.

I am really feeling the gluteal work this week. Hopefully I can get some of that “lift” back there. After 2 kids and working a desk job for over 15 years, my poor tush sure needs this week.

One thing I’ve forgotten all about is the Total Body Band Burnout routine that is included on the Month 1 DVD (also included with the digital package). Honestly, I’ve been so wrapped up in just completing the challenge, it’s slipped my mind. I’m not really fit so I cherish those rest days and a bonus HIIT routine hasn’t been top of mind. I may try it out if I can bring myself to push harder. I’ll post more review on my week 3 wrap up coming soon.

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So many options…

One thing I love about this program is that I can access it via my smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV, or I can go old school and play the DVD. All of the practices are under 20 minutes. That is a HUGE advantage over alot of other yoga practices. As a working wife and mom, I really need it to be short and sweet.

One other mention that I glossed over yesterday was the absence of a color copy calendar in the shipment of the physical product. Yes, I can go print one off but it won’t be a durable copy. If they are interested in keeping waste down, I understand but maybe give an option to receive one?

More review to come…

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Special Delivery!

Guess what has just arrived!! I have my physical Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge DVDs and Yoga Burn Resistance band.

Everything looks great out of the box. One minor drawback, I was really hoping I would get a color copy of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Calendar and Instructions that I could hang up. I can still download and print it, but I wanted to give you full disclosure that a physical copy wasn’t included.

I have a total of 4 DVDs and the resistance band seems of good construction. I’ll report how it stands up once I start breaking it in.

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