Start of Month 3 😀

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge and what it is doing to my body. I am feeling stronger than I have ever felt before and am toning so nicely. My biggest issue right now is I don’t have enough clothes that fit me well. I think that’s a good problem to have. 😉
Week 9 is all about the glutes. Lots of resistance band work, very little floor work (that still packs a punch,) and a few archer moves for good measure. It was not a difficult workout and I actually had fun with it. I will say that the floor moves Zoe does some balancing that I couldn’t keep up with. I did have to use both arms to balance towards the end but I still gave it my all.

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Done With Month 2!!

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in these past 2 months. I feel stronger than I have ever felt and my muscle tone continues to improve. It was hard for me to complete week 8 because I caught a cold midweek. I still managed to do my repetitions, it just took me longer than it should’ve.

Week 8 wasn’t particularly difficult, but there are some poses that may be challenging based on your own personal flexibility and abilities. Gomu kasana is the pose that kinda strained my shoulders a bit but I still could complete it.

The other move I struggled with was threading the needle from a fallen triangle pose. It was hard on my wrists, but incredibly effective on the obliques. I can tell you that if you can pull this move off, it’s almost like your own muscles become a corset bringing everything in for an hourglass appearance. ⏳

If you are wanting an effective exercise program created with a woman in mind, Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge is what you are looking for. I’m only halfway through and already reaping the benefits. Stay tuned for more review and results!

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Started Week 5

It felt so amazing to put in a new DVD last night! One month down and this new week is another great workout. I still have to work on my endurance and balance this week. I can already tell you that the move in this video is one that will definitely help bring about a yoga booty. You can see that I have alot of work to do with my form, but it’s a great start. I’ll scoop you a fresh review later this week.

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Week 4 Done!

What an accomplishment! I am a full month down on the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge! Again, that final 3 reps of the workout on Friday was a push to get through but I did it. I had a lot of fun with the workout this week.

There is a dynamic variation on the warrior III this week that really gets your balance in check and puts makes the glutes work overtime. Bringing back some body band moves from weeks 2 and 3 were great and brought the arms a great workout as well as the hamstrings.

My favorite this week was the ab workout. It wasn’t the usual. The bicycle move looks familiar, but I definitely like Zoe’s way better. 👍 It’s not your typical ab workout but amazingly effective. I’m feeling great and I’m seeing more and more of the definition throughout my body. I am really excited for what I will look like at the end of this challenge. 😀

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